Wednesday October 15, 2014

Shop my closet on Pose

photo credit Topher Scott

I've been connected to the founder of pose through various mutual friends for the past two years and i've watched it grow into a community of over four million stylish women from across the world.   This unique community not only serves as inspiration but allows you to follow POSERS from around the globe and shop - or EVEN BETTER- trade for items in their closets.  TODAY, I'M SUPER EXCITED TO ANNOUNCE THE LAUNCH OF MY CLOSET ON POSE.  In the age of fast fashion, i truly believe we All need to feel a responsibility for the life of the clothing we purchase- even after we are done wearing it.  Great style is defined by confidence, creativity and a great eye.  in this curated community you never know what gems there are to be found.  And if you're like me, there's always something on your radar. Check out POSE and my closet here.